We bring our incredible and diverse materials to the Hospitality Industry as a separate division of the Jamie Young Company. We provide innovative design, detailed engineering, and competitive pricing in lighting and accessories for hotels and resorts.

We have over 100 different lamp base styles in our In-Stock Collection for common areas, public spaces and suites that can ship within two weeks.

Our custom department can value engineer our designs or your designs to meet guest room lamps and accessories needs. We can produce guestroom lighting for under $100.00 for base and shade in large quantities.

 Contract & Hospitality

Please contact Hospitality at and cc George Van Ess at

For more information about our hospitality capabilities or to find a hospitality representative in your area please CLICK HERE.

Some of the Companies we've worked with:

Loews/Marriott Hilton Omni St Regis
Ritz Carlton Starwood Sheraton Kimpton
Hyatt Four Seasons Wynn Harrah's
Hilton Garnden Inn Wyndham Westin Numerous Independent Hotels

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